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Concept 1

Discover our cinema design:

Our 1st RaSiKe home cinema design was made to introduce our acoustic products into a finished room with the focus on easy installation.


Acoustic curtains will give the room a rich and luxurious feel. Behind the curtains our acoustic products will be placed. A mix of acoustic foam, wave panel and diffusors will be used to create a balance room ensuring great sound and looks.


Fabric columns will be placed in front of the surround speakers to hide all technical aspects of a cinema. 

Upon request we can redesign our 'concept 1' to your room size using your choice of fabrics and colours.

Reference room size: 6m by 4m wide with a height of 2,9m

Dolby Atmos 9.4.2 setup

Acoustic transparant screen of 140" 



- LED lighting is placed behind the columns and surrounding the curtains. We offer a professional lighting solution using DMX or other control system.

- Luxurious velvet carpet is available in 4 colours.



Discover our products to create aesthetic acoustic designs.

Use our fabric wall tension profiles in combination with our acoustic designer fabrics to create beautifull rooms.

Combine our unique acoustic melamine foam, wavo and/or diffusor panel behind the fabrics to create a well balanced acoustic rooms.

This absorption material is unique and offers great acoustic absorption qualities while being environment and health friendly.

some projects with our acoustics

range of profiles
RASIKE Isadora chair
range of fabrics
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