Acoustic PRODUCTS:

Our acoustic melamine foam is unique, featuring great acoustic qualities while also being neutral.

Unlike some acoustic sound absorption materials our melamine foam is a healthy product, meaning there are no fine mineral fibres.

It features an adhesive backing for easy installation and have a size of approx. 125cm x 250cm.

Our foam comes standard in 25mm thickness.

Here you can see the technical details, absorption coefficient.

Upon request the foam can be made in any thickness. 

(minimum quantity required)

WavO panel

Our WAVO perforated acoustic panel:

WAVO perforated acoustic wall panel with its exquisite design gives excellent indication for sound absorbing capacity. This panel with its combination of acoustic foam and perforated MDF face is a highly effective solution for room acoustic. Its impressive design inspired by the acoustic waves form different kind of arrangements which makes it suitable for every interior.  Its sound absorbing qualities contributes to the audibility in residential and public premises.


Technical Details

Dimensions: 500 mm. X 500 mm.Х 57 mm.
Material: Perforated MDF maple finish and acoustic foam
Weight: 2.14 kg per unit
Color: V01 - Frozen bark
Installation: on walls and ceilings through direct gluing
Perforation: 9.7%


Our DIFFUSOR acoustic panel:

Diffuser is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and offers optimal results in the range of medium and high frequencies, helping to increase the diffuse sound field. The innovative design allows to achieve extreme visual effect via diffuse grid made of at least four pieces.

Technical Details 

Material: expаnded polystyrene

Color: dark grey

Dimensions: 600 x 600 mm

Highest point: 150 mm

EDA: 0,71 m²