Discover our genuine italian leather collection:

our topic leather:

Quality corrected European bull hide leathers with strong, durable and smooth characteristics protected

with an environmentally friendly finish. The grain surface has been treated to remove any unwanted markings.

RaSiKe topic leather

our luxurious leather collection:

aniline & semi-aniline leathers, fine grain, natural feel

made in Italy

Bull hides of European and New Zealand origine

by Futura leathers

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Discover our fabric collection:

FA fabrics:

A great collection of quality fabrics chosen for its durability, look and feel.

Diamond Velvet fabrics:

Our collection of diamond velvet, aqua clean and 15 colors .


Wind 2

Avalon II Velvet fabrics:

AVALON is liquid repellent and extremely strong.
This shiny polyester velvet does not crush and is extremely soft.

Designer fabrics:

Choose from the following designer fabrics or you can supply us with your fabric of choice.